1 year on – Virtual Working with Digital Storm

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 11

March 2021 marks the anniversary of our transition to working from home. 16th March 2020 was an eventful 24 hours – the team pinched all the monitors, and Oli even took a whole desk home.

This one-year mark means different things to different people. For us at Digital Storm, it’s something we want to commemorate.

We’re really proud of our team for transitioning to working from home. It was a difficult time, but the team maintained high spirits and we have all tried our best to make the most of it. Frequent calls with the team and lots of group chat messaging have helped us all stay in touch while working hard.

It’s also been one year of supporting our clients virtually, which is something new to Digital Storm. As we enter our 18th year of business, it’s the longest we have gone without seeing our clients face to face, and we miss you all!

We’ve adapted with you this year. Diversifying our services to support your business and meet your needs has been a top priority. Our 360 virtual tours have proved popular and have expanded as businesses look for new ways to showcase themselves online. E-commerce has also been big for us this year as more and more businesses look to sell online. This past year has been a challenge, and we’re proud to say we did it with you.

The team also waved goodbye to our Bournemouth office, which the team miss dearly. We loved being in the centre of Bournemouth! The office was a lovely space, and we have many memories there. Since hosting an office-warming party in 2017 (yes, it was that long ago!), we enjoyed many meetings, brainstorms, and get-togethers there. Everyone at Digital Storm can’t wait to work together in person again later this year.

Despite the circumstances, Digital Storm is still getting together. In December, Digital Storm enjoyed a virtual Christmas party. Lesley became a part-time quiz master and Curtis showed off his quarantine-cocktail skills. We have also kept up our monthly ‘Pay Day Lunch’ tradition. A takeaway over Google Meet will never quite match up to that in-person, but we’ve been enjoying it nonetheless!

Between lockdowns, we actually got to enjoy a Pay Day Lunch in person – the team ventured out to Bournemouth Gardens in the sun to enjoy a classic McDonald’s breakfast together. In true Digital Storm spirit, we also played ping pong.

DSC09965 2 scaled

This year, we also got to welcome two new faces to the team! Natalka, Marketing Manager, and Alex, Web Developer, joined the team in January 2021. Working together is great, and we’re excited to have fresh new ideas, strategies and techniques for our clients. They’ve adapted well to working from home and are looking forward to meeting the team in person when we can.

Fingers crossed, later this year we can have another date to celebrate – when the team can safely meet up in person again and get back to working in the same room. Seeing our clients again, more collaborative working and finding a ‘new normal’ are at the top of our to-do list.

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 11