Business Mother of the Year – Please Vote

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Tuesday, Jul 14

We are really pleased to announce that Lesley has made it through to the Semi-Finals of the Venus Awards for the category ‘Business Mother of the Year’ sponsored by the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

We now need your vote to help her progress through to the Finals. Please watch her video and then vote. (It features her son Jake as he loves the camera and he didn’t want to be left out). It’s all down to who receives the most votes so please do vote.

Click the link to view my profile and entry video – Vote here for the Venus Business Mother of the Year

All they ask is that you leave your name and email address to complete the vote.

Thanks again for your support.

I’m a new mum and a new business owner. Jake is my inspiration. I can’t wait to see my son grow up and I can’t wait to make digital storm successful. For me, for my team and for their families too.

Lesley Simmons – Account Director, Digital Storm Ltd

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Tuesday, Jul 14


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