Digital Storm are the new marketing agency for Weymouth BID & We Are Weymouth

Written by Curtis Williams

Posted on: Friday, May 03

After a couple of months of discussions and tendering, Weymouth Bid including the We are Weymouth brand have enlisted Digital Storm as their new marketing agency!

Weymouth’s business improvement district were aware that they needed to improve their online and offline channels specifically on the We are Weymouth side which is the public facing tourism brand tasked with improving tourism and footfall for the town along with improving local event participation.

A business improvement district (BID) is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined area. The benefits of BIDs are that businesses decide and direct what they want in their area, giving businesses a voice in issues affecting their trading area.

Digital Storms job is two-fold moving forward. Firstly, improving online communications from the We are Weymouth brand starting with a new and improved website which will help to aid the programme along on it’s objectives of increased footfall, tourism and event participation. Secondly, improving business to business communication between the BID and the levy payers as well as the wider business community.

Traditionally, there is a lack of awareness amongst organisations about the benefits of BIDs. Particularly when many are understandably focused on their own commercial realities rather than the wider impact of the public realm. Part of our new relationship with the Weymouth BID will be in improving the communication between the BIDs initiatives and the levy organisations which need to be convinced of the ways in which being part of a BID can enhance their success.

The local business community is something of great importance to Digital Storm hence our platinum partnership with the Dorset Chamber of Commerce, our membership and involvement with organisation such as Silicon South & the Bournemouth Chamber and our recent work with the Bournemouth BID.

We look forward to a prosperous long-term relationship with the Weymouth BID and are grateful that they have chosen to move forward with us as their marketing partner.

Written by Curtis Williams

Posted on: Friday, May 03


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