Digital Storm launch the brand new We are Weymouth tourist information website.

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Monday, Aug 12

We are Weymouth is the public-facing brand operated by the Weymouth BID. It is primarily a tourist information website due to the Weymouth town not having an official tourist information centre.

The purpose of the site is to direct users to find key information about Weymouth quickly and efficiently as well as allow business owners, within Weymouth, to promote their venue/attraction.

The We are Weymouth website was a key deliverable that Digital Storm has been focusing on since being enlisted by the Weymouth BID in April. Read about Digital Storm becoming Weymouth BID’s marketing partner here.

The previous site had a strong brand but poor user-experience. The listings lacked key information which stopped the website from being a useful resource for people. The directory was also hard to navigate because of missing standard filters and search bars.

Digital Storm has re-designed and developed the website from the ground up. The new website now has improved user experience with a new sitemap, search bars and filters; Assisted with better page layouts. Rather than being a website managed solely by the BID team, Digital Storm has developed the site to allow local businesses to register and manage their listings independently. In addition to managing their listings, the new website also allows businesses to submit events, offers, and news stories.

These new features have been done to improve the quality of information on the listings as well as improving engagement from the town. The offers and news within the site aim to make the website a useful resource for local residents as well as tourists.

We are Weymouth is now an online one-stop-shop for all business and tourist information, providing comprehensive listings for what’s going on in the town. From events, news, shops, things to do, accommodation, the website aims to offer everything you want to know.

Claudia Moore, Chief Operations Officer, Weymouth BID Ltd, said:
“We are really proud of the new website and look forward to seeing lots of businesses start to sign up and start capitalising on its features. The newly launched website is only phase one of the improvements. We will be working with Digital Storm to add additional information and features to the website over the coming months in an effort to ensure the site is the number one resource for information in Weymouth.

Curtis Williams, Marketing Manager at Digital Storm, said:
“We are really proud to be working with the Weymouth BID as we work with many Dorset based businesses and organisations such as Silicon South, Dorset Chamber, Bournemouth Chamber, and the Bournemouth BID. Our passion for working with local businesses has really helped us to understand what is required for the Weymouth BID and how the site should be developed. The website has lots of features and benefits for local businesses as well as allowing Weymouth’s residents and tourists to better search businesses and find out about events and offers.”

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Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Monday, Aug 12