Dorset Chamber Campaign Goes Live…

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Friday, Apr 30

What a week we’ve had. Two new websites are live and we turned some LinkedIn marketing around for the Dorset Chamber campaign in a matter of hours. The team are ready for the weekend, but first, let’s talk about Peer Networks.

Peer Networks is a support programme tailored to business leaders. It’s a great programme, filled with six well-crafted sessions to help you combat the challenges your businesses are facing. Furthermore, the professional facilitators are fully on board to share their insights and offer advice in a 1:1 coaching environment.

It’s a fantastic programme and one that Damion and Lesley were all too pleased to be invited to join.

Dorset Chamber Campaign

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Dorset Chamber of Commerce know the value of this experience and are offering funded places to their members and the business leaders of Dorset. But with spaces filling fast, Ian Girling, Chief Executive at Dorset Chamber, approached us to raise his concern that people who weren’t members of the Chamber were going to miss out.

Immediately, our brains were buzzing with strategies and tactics that we could use to get this event in front of the people who would benefit most. 
They’re the people who need advice on financial planning and legal HR requirements. They’re the ones that always have something useful to say about their specialist field, but have gaps in their overall business knowledge. And, most importantly, these people are business leaders.

To join Peer Networks, your business must:

  • Employ 5-250 people
  • Turnover more than £100,000 per year
  • Been trading for more than 1 year
  • Be registered in the BCP or Dorset council areas

So we had an audience. People in senior positions, working at companies in Dorset that fulfilled the above criteria. As the Chamber were running their own campaign, we could exclude existing members from our segment. All that we needed to do was turn this audience into a killer marketing strategy.

Digital Storm had tight deadlines to meet so the team got together for a power-hour brainstorm. Everyone gave their input in the Dorset Chamber campaign. It’s a great feeling to be able to work together so collaboratively, even whilst working remotely.

The Dorset Chamber Campaign: LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Our campaign was simple and to the point. It was going out to people in positions of seniority in Dorset. We chose to inform and describe. Peer Networks is something that people will want to be a part of. With so much to learn at absolutely no cost to participants, we didn’t need fluffy, salesy messaging.

We launched a sponsored carousel ad on LinkedIn that began driving click-throughs to the landing page that we redesigned almost immediately. Like we said… Peer Networks is an amazing offer, we knew people would be fighting over the limited spaces!

The carousel highlighted the six sessions, including the names and images of the professional facilitators. It also included snippets of testimonials from previous participants. The idea of the whole campaign was to outline exactly what the programme was worth and, in doing so, generate interest from the people who would benefit the most.

Alongside the 10-page carousel we designed, we also ran message ads. These would be sent out the same segment, highlighting the fact that they were eligible for a funded place on Peer Networks.
Although we can’t tell you much yet (the campaign has only been live for 3 days) we can hint at the fact spaces are filling fast. Already, we are looking at making some changes because we don’t think there will be any spaces left by the end of the campaign.

With the redesigned landing page, the sponsored carousel and the LinkedIn message ads we’re confident that Dorset Chamber will fill all of the funded spaces they’ve got. So if you haven’t seen the ad and you want to be a part of this amazing support programme.

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Friday, Apr 30