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Our team can work with you to design and build your email marketing campaigns, taking the pressure off your internal teams and simplifying your marketing processes.

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A one-of-a-kind
email marketing agency

With almost 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about email marketing… particularly when it comes to growing businesses like yours.

Email newsletters are a simple way to keep your audience engaged and informed, while also providing you a golden opportunity to market your business. Our team can work with you to design and build your email marketing campaigns, taking the pressure off your internal teams and simplifying your marketing processes.

Don’t miss out, and discover the potential email newsletter marketing has to offer today.

Why should my business
use email newsletter marketing?

Email newsletter marketing is one of the most popular methods used to keep customers engaged and informed about new products or services, news, sales and more. Regular newsletters are the perfect way to get this information to the right people.

Our creative design team can help your business by coming up with fresh, eye-catching designs to wow all, while our marketing team delivers them directly to your audience’s inbox. Once designed, our data-driven marketing team will use their arsenal of intel, software and reports to pinpoint the best day and time to send your newsletter.

Psst… Feeling a bit ashamed of your email marketing lists? Need some help capturing highly qualified leads and growing your database? We can help. Get in touch with our marketing department and discover new ways to capture your audience’s emails and grow your database.

Email newsletters are beneficial to businesses in almost all industries and sectors, whether B2B or B2C. Our talented team has the latest industry knowledge and uses tools to ensure your email marketing is personalised, responsive and engaging. Whether you’re having a flash sale or want to send frequent email updates, our email marketing services can help you.

Our email marketing
services include:

  • Creative email designs by our talented graphic design team.
  • Responsive email campaigns that work across all devices, browsers and screen sizes.
  • Welcome series emails to make your first impression count. A welcome series helps to engage your new subscribers with exclusive offers, new content or to tell them a bit about you.
  • Birthday emails and promotions to treat your subscribers.
  • Content to meet your business needs – whether you are inviting your audience to an event, sharing some exciting news or great offers, we can create email marketing to help you reach your goals.
  • Personalisation to show you care that little bit more. Whether it’s your subscribers’ name in the subject line or their recently viewed products in the email, personalisation can help to grab your audiences’ attention.
  • Email database management, including segmenting your audience and ensuring they have opted-in to your emails to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Detailed, regular reports and breakdowns of campaigns to identify key marketing metrics, to see your success and understand trends in the data.

Your one stop shop
for email marketing

At Digital Storm, we are proud to offer a full email marketing service. From an initial consultation to get to know your business and aims, our in-house graphic design team creates fresh email designs, working closely with our marketing team to come up with content to engage your audience.

We are proud to offer all kinds of email marketing, including welcome series, birthday emails, regular newsletters, ecommerce promotions, news updates, event invitations and any other messages you may wish to send to your target market.

After sending email newsletters, we use analytical data to identify how we can further engage and target your audience. By using re-mails, targeting specific audience segments and finding new audiences, email marketing can help to increase your website traffic, lead acquisition and sales.

Stop your emails being deleted and ignored, and start sending fresh content and receiving real ROI. Get in touch with us today on 01202 298392.

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