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Facebook Marketing

Digital Storm have worked with B2B and B2C businesses to grow their Facebook channels and reach more customers. We’ve put together lead generation campaigns, increased brand awareness and built that all important brand reputation.

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Facebook Marketing

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a social media platform used by roughly 2.89 billion people per month. It launched in 2004 and has become a household name across the globe. Since its launch, businesses have utilised Facebook to conduct lead generation, brand awareness and reputation management campaigns.

Facebook marketing is the term used to describe any organic or paid activity on the platform that has been strategically implemented to grow your business. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to put content plans in place, scheduling feed posts up to 3 months in advance. Organic Facebook growth is something we specialise in and we’d be more than happy to put a plan together for you.

If you really want to make an impact on Facebook, you might want to think about paid advertising. We can reach 1000’s more users per month with small budgets – perfect for small businesses and SMEs.

At Digital Storm, we’re proud to have built a hard-working and dedicated sub-team of social media marketing professionals. Having worked on the platform for over a decade between them, they understand the ins and outs of Facebook’s algorithm and can put a marketing strategy together designed to reach your goals.

Digital Storm have worked with B2B and B2C businesses to grow their Facebook channels and reach more customers. We’ve put together lead generation campaigns, increased brand awareness and built that all important brand reputation.

Whether you’ve got a Facebook marketing plan in place, or you’re looking to get started on a new social media strategy, our team are always on hand to offer help and support.

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Paid Facebook Advertising Agency

The other side of Facebook marketing is paid advertising which can be broken down into two categories. If you’re budget conscious or prefer to see real results before you invest significantly, promoting posts is the way to go. With a small media budget (often under £100 per month) we can get the content you’re already posting seen by thousands more people.

Alternatively, we can plan a specific digital advertising campaign to go out on Facebook. Using graphics, carousels, videos or text-based posts’, we can wow a niche, targeted audience with a strong CTA and help you achieve your business goals.

Whenever you run a paid advertising campaign as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, we have the opportunity to target a specific segment of the social media platforms users. We can target by demographics, geolocation, interests and more… Just let us know who your ideal target audience is and we’ll go and find them.

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Facebook Marketing Agency
for Small Businesses

Small businesses and SMEs can really benefit from partnering with a Facebook marketing agency. We already know that your audience are there, along with over 2 billion other people every month. So let’s do more to reach them!

The reason Facebook marketing is great for SMEs like yours is because you can manage an extremely complex campaign with little to no marketing budget. Our team can design, strategise and implement a content plan that your audience will love. We’ll monitor the results on a monthly basis and make the necessary adjustments to make sure we’re delivering the best ROI.

If you want to go down a paid Facebook marketing route for your SME, we can help you segment the platform’s giant audience into the group of people most likely to convert. Let’s put a stop to wasting budgets, talk to us about your Facebook strategy today.

Instagram and Facebook
Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, giving both platforms a new look. Today, Facebook and Instagram work together seamlessly and it’s become even easier for brands like yours to get in front of the right audience.

As well as Facebook marketing, we’re happy to discuss your Instagram strategy and show you how these two platforms can work together to become a killer campaign. Instagram is a visual platform with lots of exciting avenues to explore, Facebook has become a news source for many over the years… Have you got your strategy in place?

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Are you looking to target people locally? Perhaps you offer a service to people within the Dorset area? We can help.

Or maybe you operate on a global scale, selling products on your eCommerce site to people all over the world. We can still help.

Choose to work with a team that’s got all the skills and know-how to make your Facebook marketing campaign successful. Let’s find your audience and turn them into customers. Contact our team today.

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