Why small retailers need an online store.

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 11

The internet, smartphones and social media have impacted the way we shop both online and offline. Customers no longer see online and offline shopping as different things. Rather they have come to expect online presence as part of their overall shopping experience.

65% of shoppers research online and purchase in store”. Showing that online traffic boosts offline traffic. [Source: Cisco, 2013]

Furthermore, consumers know more than ever. Back in the day people came into a store with little to no knowledge and relied on a salesperson for advice. Today, shoppers are doing their own research. Studies have shown that the average customer checks 10.4 information sources before buying anything.


Still not convinced that you need to take your business online? Here’s five reasons that now is the time to adopt online retailing:


 It’s easy money.

The main barrier to entry for most people is a lack of technical knowledge. They are under the impression that managing an online store requires lots of work and lots of money. This is not the case anymore. Our eCommerce sites offer an easy to use content management system and we ensure our clients are equipped to manage their own store.

More customers, more sales

Online doesn’t have the same restrictions as a brick and mortar store. Your customers have ability to browse and buy online 24/7. Online means that your customer reach increases. Its only restriction is how far away you want to post your products too.

Easier, more accurate and cheaper marketing

Traditional marketing has always seen high upfront costs, limited tracking and low return. This has changed exponentially in recent years. Online marketing such as social media or Google advertising is cheaper and gives you much more control over who you are targeting. Read more about what marketing Digital Storm can offer here.

Brand presence and awareness

Building a recognised and trustworthy brand is vital for the survival of any business. Having an eCommerce website can add real value to a business. It can help to increase visibility and revenue in a very competitive marketplace.

Lower costs

eCommerce is a great way to expand your business and increase revenue without expensive overheads. This allows you to invest the into your marketing activity for customer acquisition.

To find out more about getting your business online, please contact us on 01202 298392 or email us. Alternatively, visit our eCommerce service page. We are always happy to help!

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 11