How Digital Storm increased efficiencies with What Used Car

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Tuesday, Jun 25

Creditplus, the Poole-based fintech, are a trusted authority in motor finance. For over 14 years, they’ve strived to find the right car for customers and offer a Find, Fund, Deliver holistic solution.


The first part of the ‘Find, Fund, Deliver’ motto – sourcing the vehicle – is a complex task with the vast majority of consumers applying without a specific car in mind. The first goal of the Sales Advisors at Creditplus is to understand the lifestyle of the customer. After short-listing a handful of models, there are a variety of tools at the Advisors disposal to locate a vehicle, including making use of contacts with dealerships.


To increase efficiencies and become more transparent with the sourcing of vehicles, the team devised a two-way communication method, direct to thousands of dealerships nationwide. Digital Storm, design and marketing agency based in Bournemouth, worked with us to develop the website, where instead of browsing a multitude of classified listings and phoning dealerships individually, Sales Advisors can list the car they’re seeking on behalf of a customer, with the added benefit of being as open or specific as required, and automatically reach out to our network of dealers.

Dealers who are signed up to this free service are notified in a bulletin of cars that customers are looking to purchase today and can reply with photos and descriptions if they have a vehicle on their forecourt. This allows dealerships to move stock faster without the need to communicate with consumers directly. The website – which was designed, developed and hosted by Digital Storm – provides a portal for both dealers and sales advisors, where vehicles can be managed.


Since implementing What Used Car, over half of car requests have been fulfilled by dealers, meaning customers have had cars selected and sourced more quickly. Internally, the Sales Advisors are able to support more customers find the right car for them – with the ability to provide better service too.

Written and provided by Blake Hawksworth at Creditplus

Written by Damion Hazael

Posted on: Tuesday, Jun 25