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Why Digital Storm

We’re WordPress
Website Specialists

We don’t just build award-winning custom WordPress websites. We continue to work with our clients on a monthly basis to ensure their site is working efficiently and all of their WordPress maintenance is up-to-date.

Maintaining your WordPress website is just as important as getting the design and build right. You could have the best site in the world. Your users might find it really easy to navigate, following your site map until you’ve got them where you want them. Perhaps the colours, branding and user experience (UX) have been developed in such a way that you’ve managed to double your conversion rate overnight!

However, one dodgy plugin update later and your entire website could come crashing down. Goodbye to that conversion rate. Hello to the high bounce rate!

Digital Storm have an entire team on hand to support you. Our custom WordPress developers can rewrite HTML in seconds, create a staging site to test plugin updates on and clear the cache build-up from years of use. Basically, they’ll make sure your website continues to perform seamlessly.

What we do

Why is WordPress
Maintenance Important?

We’ll be the first to admit that having a new website designed and developed isn’t easy. First you’ve got to find the right web design agency to work with, then have the initial consultation and brief your ideas. There could be weeks or months of back-and-forths on designs before everyone agrees. Then, finally, the web developers have to take that design and turn it into your online persona.

That very simply outlines the process of redesigning your website. Obviously, that depends on your business and your company objectives. However, the point is still valid. If you’re going to put that much effort into something, you want to make sure it stands the test of time.

Whenever we design and build a website for a new client, we always recommend they stick with a WordPress maintenance plan. Essentially, this gives you access to our support team if any issues crop up. We’ll also keep an eye on your website on a monthly basis. This will involve updating plugins, deleting spam comments, making sure you are using the latest version of WordPress and clearing the site cache.

WordPress maintenance is important because it ensures your website keeps working as it is supposed to. Keeping on top of the small maintenance jobs like this can improve your site speed and give you a boost in the search engine results pages. If SEO is something that you’re interested in, WordPress maintenance should be an essential part of your plan.

how we do it

Monthly WordPress
Website Health Checks

As part of our WordPress website maintenance plan, we’ll conduct monthly health checks on your site. This will involve looking at page load speed, optimisation and key data stats across your site. Monitoring the behavioural flow of users will give us fantastic insight into how your audience interacts with you online.

This is a great way for your businesses to continuously improve your website without budgeting for a complete redesign. While any changes aren’t covered in your monthly WordPress maintenance fee, we’ll always be happy to put plans together and make suggestions. Having all the analytics puts us in the best position to propel your business.

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