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For as little as £18.99 per month for WordPress websites or £25.99 per month for eCommerce websites, we can host your site on our shared server space.

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Why Digital Storm

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WordPress Website Hosting

Digital Storm don’t just design and build custom WordPress websites, we give you the option to host them on our server space. Our fully-managed VPS hosting options include: cloud infrastructure, managed support, proactive monitoring, free SSL, free migration, dedicated firewalls and automated daily backups.

If all this goes over your head, don’t panic! Basically, our hosting solution provides you with balanced virtual machines with memory tuned to host and scale applications like blogs, web apps and eCommerce websites.

We have three basic solutions that you should look into. Usually, our team will take a look at your website analytics and traffic data in order to recommend the best VPS hosting option, but take a look at our standard server packages to see if we’ve got what you need.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? We can also assist with larger VPS cloud servers that will manage huge volumes of monthly traffic at ease. Just speak to our team about your hosting needs.

Looking to move your website to a secure, reliable and trustworthy hosting provider? Make the move today.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress or website hosting is publicly accessible storage for your website. Think about it like this. The internet is a digital land, owned by millions of landlords. You can ask one of these people to host your website in their safe and secure space but you’ll have to pay rent, or a hosting fee.

Some businesses host their own website. While this may seem practical, we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have the right resources in-house. A poorly managed server can open your website up to hackers and potential data breaches. A problem like this could end up costing your business thousands in compensation.

WordPress Hosting

Why put yourself through all that trouble? The risk that something could go wrong isn’t worth worrying about. Let your integrated web agency take your website hosting off your plate.

Digital Storm offer WordPress maintenance alongside your website hosting. Take advantage of our super-fast cloud hosting and let us take care of the monthly maintenance of your website. You don’t want to spend your afternoon updating plugins!

Not only will we make sure your website is safely hosted with an up-to-date SSL certificate, but we’ll manage the daily backups, updates, firewalls, migration and general site support.

Choose the VPS that suits the needs of your business. Larger businesses that deal with a lot of traffic on a daily basis, particularly eCommerce, need more storage space to maintain a quick-loading site that users love.

If your website only has a handful of pages and is used as a brochure for potential leads, you might find our smaller options suitable. All of our hosting packages have been put together with businesses like yours in mind. We’ll never ask you to pay for something you don’t need.

Fast Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on the same server. This is a great way to reduce the costs of running your website, a fantastic option for small businesses and SMEs.

There’s a reason shared hosting plans are so popular. You get a fast, user-friendly website that runs smoothly without the expense of running your own server. Our VPS options have been curated to suit your business model. We offer up to 4TB of bandwidth and 80GB storage space… but there’s more!

Need more space than that? Speak to our team about a larger VPS cloud server and let us upgrade your website today.

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