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Our company has won several awards for our talented design services and would love to help you achieve your business goals with a professional business logo.

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Don’t play games when it comes to your logo. Brand is everything. Your logo is going to be used across all of your touchpoints, from your website to your email footers and beyond. Sure, you can try your luck at designing something yourself. Maybe you’ve got a friend of a friend who is studying graphic design at school and thinks they’ve got what it takes. At the end of the day, we’re talking about your business’s reputation. That’s why you need a dedicated and professional logo design agency.

Digital Storm are lucky enough to be located in Bournemouth, one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital hubs. Our company has won several awards for our talented design services and would love to help you achieve your business goals with a professional business logo.

The major benefit of working with a creative agency when it comes to your logo design is the wealth of experience you’ll gain access to. Our in-house graphic designers work alongside our web developers and marketing professionals to deliver a streamlined service that you and your audience will love.

Why Your SME Needs
a New Logo

If your business is growing or planning an expansion, it’s probably time to shake the small biz/start-up feel and grow into your new skin. You want your next customer to look at you and connect with you instantly. That means you have to look the part.

The reason SMEs need professional looking logos is because it helps build trust, establish a connection and keep your brand consistent across all of your touch points. Businesses use their logo on all of their corporate stationery. And their website and social media accounts. And their exhibition stands…

If you want to develop your appearance and ensure your brand identity matches the size and scale of your growing business, a rebrand with a new logo is the first place to start.

Experts at Business
Logo Design

We don’t like to beat around the bush. Our team have worked on hundreds of design projects for businesses of all sizes, spanning a huge array of industries. Take a look at this case study that shows the full logo design and branding process we went through with Dorset Chamber of Commerce.

Whether you operate in a B2B landscape or you sell products online via an eCommerce website, we’ll help you create a logo that represents who you are. The end goal is to have an element of your brand that people know, love and recognise. The logo we design will be more than just an image, it will be a visual representation of your business.

Our Business
Logo Design Services

When it comes to designing a logo for your business our process is simple. We’ll start with an initial consultation. This is when you’ll have the opportunity to spill your ideas, explain the ins and outs of your business and what you want your new logo to say about your brand.

Our design team will compile all of this information and start working on your new logo. With the latest insight into colour psychology, typography and reputation styling, we’ll produce a selection of logo design ideas at our first-stage review.

This is when we encourage you to be brutal. Your logo will stay with your business for a long time and it has to be right. Tell us everything you like and don’t like about the options you’re being presented with. Once we’ve got all of that information, we’ll be able to get back to work streamlining the designs we’ve already created into the ultimate logo for your business.

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If you’re ready to work with a business logo design agency that’s got years of experience under their belts, proven graphic design capabilities working across various industries and a portfolio of stunning logo designs then you’re in the right place.

Speak to our team about your plans. Send us a brief if you want. We’re ready to take on our next challenge.

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